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Monday - Friday : 7am-3pm
Saturday : 7am-12pm
Payment By Eftpos, Cash, Visa & Mastercard.

Conditions for Delivery

1      Entry of vehicle on private property is at customer’s risk.

2.     Any damage caused to the vehicle is at customer’s cost.

3.     Removal of bogged or damaged vehicle from property is at customer’s cost.

4.     Vehicle is not to traverse slopes of more than 15 degrees.

5.     Vehicle is not to travel uphill more than 20 degrees.

6.     Customer is to supervise & guide driver whilst vehicle is in reverse.

7.     The vehicle is to be operated by authorised operators only.

8.     The operator has final say on all health & safety issues regarding safety of vehicle and operator.

9.     At no stage is the customer to put operator or vehicle in a dangerous situation.

10. The vehicle is to be unloaded in 30 minutes or a charge of waiting time will be implemented.

11.  The customer is to provide an area for the vehicle to clean and dump waste.